Sunday, May 6, 2012

Today is the day...

Whoo hoo! Today is the day.... for planting out the sprouts.
I've got too many for my bed. I decided to just plant them all, for it is better to give all a chance and maybe have to cull later than to sell a sprout short just because I think there isn't room.

So I have three tomato plants from friend Tina which are an unknown-to-me yellow variety of which she is fond. I like to garden with what some call a sense of happenstance and what I prefer to call the Sovereignty of God. By that, I mean I'm lazy about labeling and I just plant seeds that I want to plant and let it just go as it will from there. This means I have started some of Aunt Ruby's German Green and some Big Rainbow, of those started seeds, I have three plants, so we shall not know until July what's what.

Likewise. I've planted 3 hot peppers of various kinds and 2 plain ol' green bell peppers. This is quite the thing though because last year I was so proud of myself for growing tomatoes and hot peppers for salsa without realizing that bell peppers are needed to bulk it all up. This meant I had to taint my precious homegrown salsa with the store bought stuff (for shame!). Not making that mistake this year.

These sprouts accompany spinach and radishes already in the ground, and a Cushaw squash seed that went in... and a moon and stars watermelon, cause Julian likes them. :) Lastly, we planted, cilantro, dill and lettuce from seed.

What are you growing this season?

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