Monday, June 17, 2013

We shopped victoriously.

We had a great Saturday. It started with yard sales, where we found a few kitchen things, some swivel casters ($.50/ea), and the #3 knitting needles I had been wanting to pick up at the crafts store ($.75). We added to our pres-cut collection with a salad bowl and an additional banana split boat. We stopped by the farmers' market in between places but it was overwhelmingly crowded and not a fun place to be, which is a shame.  Grabbed a few flower pots and a vintage pink depression flower frog ($4, though I should have haggled) and called it a success.

We finished up the yardsales in Fairmont so we took the opportunity to eat at the Poky Dot. My cousin, Casey, waited tables here through her time in college but we never stopped in. Our server had a sicky-sweet twang that made it hard for us to understand what she was saying. Imagine, if the Avon lady were a bee, and she were buzzing in your ear, that was this girl's voice. I hope she grows out of thinking it is cute. We both got burgers and the fries were late in coming so each of us got about two potatoes worth!

Last but not least, we headed to Miller's Greenhouse at the recommendation of a friend, since I've been on the prowl for scented geraniums. Miller's did not disappoint, and I had five varieties from which to choose; we took a lemon and an apple scented. Both are heavenly and at $8+ a piece, I was inspired to come right home and start cuttings.


  1. Oh, you do know how to play my friend! If we lived closer I'm certain we would often cross paths if not quickly join forces! Love the 'fridge' dishes!

    Blessings, Debbie

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