Monday, October 14, 2013

October weekend

I spent a lot of time thinking about candles this weekend. In my short time as a housekeeper I have learned many things. One of them is that if you have a candle lit where people can see it, they tell you that they love the smell of your candle. If you hide the candle, people tell you they love the smell of your home. It is a small semantic difference that makes a big impact on me. So I hide my candles.



I filled the house with the artificial yet oh-so-neccessary fragrance of fall candles, baked a carrot cake, worked on my stitching, overheard some college football, and pruned the butterfly bush. We got just enough accomplished that we didn't feel slothful but not so much that we got cheated out of a restful weekend. The long awaited saffron crocuses came up and I plucked all their yummy fronds without taking the time to photograph them intact. Oh well. There will be others. The moment called for immediate response. To top it all off, we spent sweet time in the company of dear friends and what do you know? In celebration of my birthday, I received my first Wood Wick candle and it is lovely. I'm not even going to hide it. 


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    1. I thought of you the moment I realized what it was. It is taking some getting used to. Julian says it sounds like we have a bee in the house. :)