Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Temari, take two

A few years ago, we really got into making temari balls. By that I mean we sat down with a book from the library, bought a bunch of supplies, and in the course of about two weeks, created twelve of them. Then we stopped.

They have lived in a big bowl my dad gave me and greeted guests in our living room ever since. They are quite the conversation starter, and people are always surprised to learn that Julian is much better at the craft than me.

He's back at it. A few months ago, I suggested to him that we make up a few more to give as gifts for our dear friends when the time ones for us to move away. With more and more progress made on his dissertation and each week ticking by, leaving has become much more real of an idea for us.

Aren't they so beautiful and so unique? I am looking forward to knowing that, when we are gone and our friends are still here, we will leave a little piece of the life we've made together behind.

Keep calm and craft on, together with Frontier Dreams.


  1. They are fabulous - all so different, yet beautiful together! A lovely gift for friends.

  2. Great idea and they are really cool!

  3. Oh my goodness, your temari balls are gorgeous! I've always wanted to try making them--you've inspired me! Thanks and aloha Lori

  4. Just hopping over from CKKO, and wow, they look beautiful, absolutely stunning!!

  5. I have never seen that craft! Love the vibrant colors :)