Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Too little, too late

Well the honey hat is finished - too little, too late. It's been blazing hot here, no need for a cozy cap, but fall will be here soon enough I am sure. It always comes, doesn't it?

The hat is just what I hoped it would be, cute, casual and big enough to hold all my hair. As I finished it up, I keep cooking up ideas for my next one. I used the Fresco pattern and I think it would be excellent for some stranded color work. I also learned that I really enjoy sport weight yarn. I like using small needles for lace and fingering but the sport weight yarn is more gratifying and works up nice and quick, comparatively, of course.

On the reading side of things, I have returned back to my half-read The Ladies' Room by Carolyn Brown. It is a good light read. (That reminds me, I read a quote somewhere bashing the "light read" but I cannot recall...) I am also about 3/4 way through The Marseille Caper by Peter Mayle. This is my least favorite book by him, of the few I've read, mainly because it actually has a plot! Ha! If I want to read about roaming the French countryside, don't bother me with suspense!

New to the queue is Sylvia's Farm: The Journal of an Improbable Shepherd by Sylvia Jorrin. It is an eBook from my library but I need to make a stop in to renew my card of one more year before I can download it to my Kindle.

What are you crafting and/or reading? Show and tell with Ginny at YARN ALONG.

PS - are you sensing a color theme in this post? A great many things around here are 'bosc pear' and 'mannerly gold.' I am on a paint picking kick for the new house and I just have to figure out how to work this great shade of yellow into my plan. Do you use this color in your decor?


  1. Beautiful hat and such a lovely colour, perfect for the Autumn.

  2. I actually ended up using that color in a bathroom.....questioned myself about the color at the time,but it's ended up being one of my favorite rooms in the house!!!!!

  3. I enjoy knitting hats at this time of year - I feel so ahead of schedule! When we painted our kitchen I was actually inspired by a big Pasta bowl we got from Italy and worked around it. There are reds and greens and a bit of gold, but not much.

  4. I love your hat! And the warm golden yellow is a very pretty colour for living in too - so warm and happy and vibrant. We have a few cushions in a similar colour and two paintings. Also quite a lot of honey coloured wood furniture. But I think I would love it as a wall colour too!

  5. I love the golden colour of your hat! I have always wanted a sunshine yellow kitchen, so I say go for bright!

  6. I am using that color or somewhere about (kind of goldenrod?) as an accent against the gray-blue we're going to paint the living room! It really pops compared to the calming blue and I'm loving it, especially considering I'm not at all much of a yellow or orange person usually! I love your hat, though, and part of the reason I love it is the color which makes me wonder if I should look at some golden colors to knit with soon!

    1. I am looking to pair i with a cadet blue, too! In the top picture, the hat in against my duvet cover and I just love the warm and cool combo.

  7. I've knit recently with a similar color and love the warm feeling I get just looking at anything I make with it. Your beanie is cute and will surely warm you once cool weather rolls around again. :) Sport weight has been on my needles quite a bit lately and is my new favorite...not too big, not too small!

  8. love that color!! I went with green this time around, in another 10 years maybe I will go with a yellow. That hat is adorable!!

  9. Gorgeous hat. I love the three colours together.