Sunday, October 18, 2015

Goodnight, Garden

I've never inherited a garden from someone else before, who had things where they wanted them. I feel a responsibility to respect existing plants by finding them new homes in a scheme I like. But sometimes I just toss a plant - it's my garden, my flowers, my plan.

Last night was our first frost but tonight is our first freeze. Plants went in the ground today: columbines, inkberry holly, daylilies, roses, sedum, yarrow, gardenia. If we dug a hole and found bulbs, I pulled them out and put them where I want what I think they may be. Who knows. The anticipation for spring is intense already. There is so much to look forward to seeing for the first time.

Don't think I'll just twiddle my green thumbs all winter. I am waiting to put out some purple sprouting broccoli. I have saved one (of nine) brussels sprout plants from the groundhog. Oh, and the jungle indoors - where will all my porch living tender babies spend the winter? That concern is for tomorrow.

Tonight, I will say goodnight, garden and sleep tight!

Herb Bed - Before

Rose Bed - Before
Herb Bed - Oct 2015

Rose Bed - Oct 2015


  1. Oh, the herb bed! I want an herb bed again. (I loved the one I inherited in Blacksburg.) And roses. But we have deer. And bunnies. ???

    1. We have deer, too... I just have to duke it out with them. Maybe you could find a place the deer wouldn't come?

  2. you have such a pretty garden!