Friday, September 25, 2015


Just as yesterday was the perfect first day of fall, today is the perfect NEXT day of fall. It has been drippy. We bought a rain gauge at Goodwill this past Monday. It has dripped all day and the rain gauge remains empty. Farmville has a funny way of doing this. Our weather forecast for today was 70% chance of rain with accumulation of up to less than one tenth of an inch. Julian and I joke that what the weather man really means is cloudy with a heavy dew. But the grass is green and the dampness suits us just fine. We seeded the lawn last Friday and this is just the perfect weather for growing grass.

The leaves are just beginning to think of changing. The ones on the ground already are just the weaklings, the ones that said this nasty dry spell was more than they can bear, they quit without even changing. They didn't "change" - they browned.

The vegetables do not know that fall is coming. I know and I am nervous. Please tomatoes, ripen and give me good seeds for next year. As I type this, I can see a squirrel feverishly searching for the perfect spot to cache his hickory nut. No, not beside the crape myrtle, not beside the bird feeder. Yes, right in the middle of the yard. He knows, and he is nervous.


  1. Squirrels are so funny, burying stuff in the middle of a mowed lawn! My tomatoes are little green balls. Boo!
    Your photos are gorgeous today!

  2. Fall has been just perfect so far. Today, rainy out my open upstairs bedroom window. AC off. Glory.

    (PS, as a writer: that last paragraph of yours is gold. Not that you asked. But I can't help gushing at good writing.)

    1. Coming from a good writer, I appreciate it. I had just finished reading some Sandberg poetry, so maybe it rubbed off. :)