Saturday, September 26, 2015

public lands day

Today is National Public Lands day - and event that is celebrated annually to raise awareness and volunteerism for public lands. Many national/state parks offer free programing and discounted entry fees in exchange for acts of volunteering to help spiff things up a bit.

We went out with our local bird club through some backwoods, off limits areas of the High Bridge State Park. In exchange for getting to see some beautiful countryside that isn't open to the public yet (and some new-this-year birds) we helped clean up an old homestead site. The folks that lived here lived modestly but really enjoyed their soda!

Julian and I have had a great many adventures on public lands, riding our bike, kayaking, etc. In fact, most of our vacations are spent there. These places are supported by tax money, so get out there in nature, find something new, have a great adventure, and get your money's worth!

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