Saturday, September 19, 2015


We got rain last week which brought us back from the brink. I am always so surprised by how rain makes ME feel so much better, never mind the plants. Maybe I am a plant... and impatien, probably.

The rain coupled with some cooler nights are giving everything a bit of a growth spurt, weeds included. The brussels sprouts are in the ground with the red kale. The purple sprouting broccoli has sprouted but isn't planted out yet. The swiss chard is coming into its own. The okra has gone rather feral. The daffodils have been re-homed to make way for the strawberry patch.

I'm thinking I have about a month left before the frost. A real autumn growing season is new for me, so I hope come November, I'm filling this space with harvest delights and reports of great success. This is assuming the leaves don't get the best of this little lady in this little house in the big woods. The leaves, the leaves...

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  1. I am a pluviophile too! I definitely find joy and peace on rainy days. Hope you get lots more from your garden before winter comes.