Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Yorktown Knits


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This past weekend, we visited Yorktown and Williamsburg and, of course, the knitting went along. Wouldn't it be neat if all the knitted projects of the world kept travel journals?

Yorktown was a lovely, lovely day trip {see previous post}. I did get some knitting done while we picnicked with my family and watched the Yorktown Fife and Drum corps open for the Virginia Symphony. We were not prepared for the fact that picnics could be judged for prizes! Had I known I would have turned out a much more impressive display.

The riverfront had a great used bookstore and though I didn't buy anything, I snapped photos of books I'd like to check out for future reading. Julian is on The Nine Tailors, and mentioned that Murder Must Advertise was not his favorite. I am only now getting through Whose Body? after finishing All The Light We Cannot See and re-reading the D'Aulaires Book of Greek Mythology.

All the Light We Cannot See is a beautifully written book and a wonderful, wonderful story, but for some reason it left me feeling unresolved at the end. I say that about most novels these days - maybe I am just not very easy to please. While I appreciate books that do not pander to predictability, perhaps the reason plots are predictable is because our human nature is predictable in that we all want the same things: resolution, harmony, order.

What are you knitting and reading? Show and tell with Ginny and the others.


  1. i have never been to that part of Virginia but do want to visit one day. I will be reading more in the winter so i will keep those books in mind. I love your photographs and the blue and white skirt you are wearing in the first photo is beautiful

  2. It looks like you had such a fun week. Knitting and a picnic sound heavenly. I don't think I would be winning any prizes, but all fun just the same! I will have to read All the Light We Cannot See. So many people are reading it.

  3. I like the idea of a knitting (or crocheting) travel journal! Your pictures are wonderful - I can almost smell the salty air. :^)

  4. Lovely pictures! I have never been to the East Coast at all but long to someday since I have a great love for early American history... and puzzles! I wish I could come hang out and do a jigsaw puzzle with you! I love puzzles and no one else I know really does. I thought the writing alone was a worthwhile reason to stick it out with All the Light but I always want the happiest of endings and this book didn't exactly give me that. But it did at least allow a peaceful ending with redemption which is my biggest longing, my deepest dissatisfaction would have been if the characters didn't experience a redeeming event.

    1. When you do make your trip to the east coast, I'll be ready with a puzzle and a pot of tea!

  5. I want to be there....lovely knitting and photos. I want to read all the light but I'm waiting for it to go on sale or paperback. Of course there is the library but I haven't been for ages.

  6. Love your photos. Williamsburg is such a wonderful place. I love jigsaw puzzles, especially at Christmas when the kids are home.