Thursday, June 14, 2012

About a book - The Enemy Within

One of the many things I love about Julian is that he is a great out-loud reader. During calm seasons of our lives, we tuck into bed at night with a good book, and he reads aloud to help us both quiet down from the day. We've read the entire Lord of the Rings series this way, and we like to read Nancy Guthrie's devotionals at Easter and Christmas, too.

I am excited to have started a new one this week, Kris Lungaard's The Enemy Within.The book is formatted for a lesson group with small sections and discussion questions at the end. Lungaard draws from the writings of 17th century reformed theologian John Owen so much so that the author admits if Owen were alive today, he'd have grounds to sue. But by doing so, the author makes Owen's concepts much more accessible to a modern audience.

Being wiped out after two hours in the kayaks, we didn't read for long. But we read long enough to find the first nugget of truth in what promises to be a vast gold mine. Sin is a law - like gravity. I don't know why this hit me with such profundity, but it did, and it makes perfect sense. In this out-of-Eden world, saved or unsaved, we cannot escape sin any more than we can escape gravity. It is pure and simple nature of how the world works. Accepting this truth allows us to stop wasting time and energy trying to evade sin in our lives but rather to focus on the next steps of conquering sin and bringing light to the dark places of our hearts.

I'm excited to have more to share in the near future.

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