Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dealing with Deer, Part 1

Along with my friend, Danielle, I've had it with the deer. When I complain about the deer on here, I tend to get comments like, "Well that's what happens when you live in the country." But you see, this is why I am even more angry. The deer are brazen city dwelling deer.

They are not cruising my yard amind acres and acres of untouched meadow lands... I'm in suburbia. It makes me so irrate that they come right up, day or night, and help themselves to anything they want from my yard. Just feet away from people, pets and cars. I told Julian I was tempted to kill a deer and let the whole thing lay and rot in the yard just as a warning to all the others what their future holds.

Tomato and Petunia:

Hot pepper (what eats a hot pepper plant?!?!):

Spinach, munched and uprooted:

 Hosta scapes:

Hosta (salad anyone?):

This is what angers me most. These are daylily scapes that had been heavy laden 
with blooms that I have waited for these past two years. TWO YEARS!
(you can see how close all our houses are)

 Hosta before ----------------------------------------> Hosta after

And this dear, sweet, blowzy gem...? It is no longer with us.
We tried the spray repellent, Liquid Fence. We tried the fishing line trick everyone swears by. Now, $43 poorer, we have decided to employ the ScareCrow motion activated animal deterrent sprinkler. 

While we were at Walmart purchasing this thing, I got a phonecall from the neighbor who said he'd witnessed a deer coming down my back bank, looking him straight in the eye, and swaggering over to clean out my bird feeder. Said deer wasn't swaggering anymore after Neighbor Scott put four hot orange paint balls on its rump. Thanks, Scott.
Wish us luck.

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  1. I feel your pain but this makes me laugh anyway.
    I sprayed Windex on my flowers because I didn't have anything else and they haven't been back. Coincidence? Maybe.

  2. Haha! Windex - you're too funny.