Saturday, July 7, 2012

{Sunday Best} Hot Air

It's been a long hard week beginning with a devastating storm and ending with a miserable head cold (not to mention that the thermometer topped 108F in the shade on our back porch). I have so many things about which I could and should blog, but until I get everything in order around here, I just wanted to post this Sunday Best photo. It was likely the high point of my week. You see, Lexington hosts a july 4th Balloon Rally each year and this guy always comes, his balloon has a three dimensional teddy bear on each side, the silhouette of which you can see. We look for him each year and what you're not seeing in this photo is Julian and me on the front steps in our PJs.

The wind blows one of three directions for the balloons each of the three mornings they go up, one of which is straight over my in-laws' house. If we're lucky, we wake up at 7am to the unmistakable, dragon-breathing sound of the balloons over head. It's magical, and this year, I decided it beat out Christmas morning as my favorite of the year.

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