Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New discovery....

Normally I am so anti-what-everyone-else-has. BUT, in this case, I think I have come around to the popular side of things. You see, I've been following Deb Duty, a photographer /scrapbooker for the past month or so in my Google Reader. She makes the most beautiful scrapbooks and takes the most beautiful pictures. I thought it was actually kind of gross, the obsession she had with these things, because in my head I was envisioning cutting the paper, sticking the stickers, layers upon layer, the whole day gone for one pretty page.
Courtesy Christine Newman through Pinterest

Then today, on Pinterest, (of course) I discovered Becky Higgins and Project Life. I thought, "my how these things look familiar" and snap, crackle, pop! I realized Deb Duty is in cahoots with Becky Higgins.

Julian and I are coming up on five years (count them, five) and since we set up housekeeping, I 've been telling him I'd reorg our photo stash for that long. Still, the pictures just take up the whole shelf under the plants in the "office". I even failed at a scrap-book-documenting our wedding.

Project life gives me hope. I'm not sure I'm going to jump in with both feet, because really, we don't do that many exciting things but I think I'm on board for documenting the most special of occasions this way, surely I can do that! (?) The idea of having those special moments documented so easily IN PAPER instead of the almighty internet just might be what the doctor ordered, even if my scrap book does look like everyone else's... the pictures will be mine!


  1. You cracked me up with this! I especially like the use of the word cahoots lol! I'm happy you figured it out and I hope you will enjoy it. You can always do a monthly recap on each two page layout if weekly is too much. But believe me, my life is not exciting and I manage to fill up a spread pretty much every week. Feel free to email me at debduty@ me.com if you have any questions about anything!

  2. It will be uniquely yours! Personally, I am a scrapbooking failure. I'm okay with that. =)