Sunday, July 7, 2013

July 4th Holiday

You can tell by the photos that it was a bit of a disjointed trip. We left Wednesday night and came home Saturday evening. The past two years we have stayed only for the hot air balloons and returned for the fireworks in Morgantown - not so this year because July 4th was on a Thursday. Its a good things because the weather was so terrible that the only balloons we saw went up on Friday morning. That was disappointing still because the air was so heavy with humidity and there was not even a hint of a breeze, so we just sat for an hour, watching them go up and down, never moving closer or farther away. 

Despite the rain, we kept ourselves entertained by playing Suspend (which I highly recommend), watching these darling fawns frolicking all day (can you spot them) and collecting the snails that came up on the sidewalk after the rain (a task deemed necessary by Harris, the nephew - proof that children warp the mind, because there is one thing I do with snails and that is avoid them).

We spent a bit of time with Mom and Dad, helping hang some pictures and a bathroom cabinet. It is so nice to hang stuff on a wall - it really makes a place feel like home, like it is yours. I was very happy to do that with them and to see how far their house has come over the past two years. In other news at Shady Lane, Goosey is the final remaining goose out of a shipment of six ducks and six geese that we brought to the farm when I was 16. Mom and Dad moved off the farm in 2008, I think, eek, and she's been living here and there through the hospitality of my uncles since then. There is finally a home for her at Shady Lane and she is happily honking under the chestnut tree right now. I only wish she had a companion, wink wink!

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