Wednesday, July 10, 2013

{Yarn Along} Progress Stalled

So yesterday I waxed poetic about the spotted fawns. Today it seems they've gotten the best of me - and my bean patch. Julian specifically asked if he should run them off, I said NO! So the burden is entirely mine today.

I could see that a few things around the yard had been munched, edges of the sweet peas, a few hosta blooms, but this year has been so much better than last because of my magic potion. This stuff actually works! Throughout the spring, I applied it every Saturday and had not a nibble. I knew I needed to reapply last night but we had torrential downpours, "I'll get it in the morning, I told myself."

Anyhow, as far as my Yarn Along update is concerned, I've been listening to a Recorded Books of The Union Quilters, by Jennifer Chiaverini. I am having a hard time with it and I am really only pressing on because I don't want to quit and I like Civil War history. The narrators voice is grating on my nerves and the author uses very 1990's-movie-lines dialogue. Its not very believable to me. And I know it was a different time but you better believe I wouldn't be sending Julian off to war with a precious heirloom quilt in his rucksack. "It will be right here when you return, thankyouverymuch," I'd say.

My knitting has stalled. I knit up several of the "teeth" but I'm having a very hard time with my tension and the slippery needles and tiny yarn of the Hitchiker/Ella Rae Lace Merino. I ripped it all out in the name of "practice" and started again. It was nice to have confirmation from my mother in law that it really WAS slippery and I'm not just inept, and she came up with some different #3 needles which are easier to use. I'm seriously considering that this may not be the season in my life for crafty progress.

I'll finish the post with some pictures of the lovely things those fawns haven't munched, yet.


  1. This is the kind of post that makes me really want you two to come back!!!

    1. Why? Painfully honest reports of failure?! Haha.

  2. have you switched to wooden needles? That helps with slippery yarns usually. Good luck and keep at it you can do it!! I have a bunny that trims off all the flowers that we like :/

  3. Ugh, sorry about your beans! My chickens got into the garden and ate all the lettuce I had started and I was so disappointed - if not the chickens then our dogs get in and trample everything or dig everything up... our garden is "fenced" and we don't have too many wild intruders around besides birds! Hope your beans can make a comeback! Your flowers are gorgeous.
    I know about seasons of life; I knit way less BEFORE I had kids (one would think the reverse) but have really kicked it into gear the last year. And I agree with Karen - wooden needles are less slick than metal. I swear by the Addi needles but am thinking of branching out to the knitpicks variety to see what they are like (and they are a little cheaper I think).