Monday, January 6, 2014

Back in the saddle, again


We are back in the saddle again... after two weeks (more for Julian) of vacation. We experienced the Christmas "in the usual way" [we've said this a lot after reading in an old book that one should "prepare the head of pig in the usual way" before cooking it, what's that mean, really?] and now are attempting to come back to the land of the ambitious with a very productive Monday. Will it work? Only time will tell!

Christmas was lovely and it was nice to se so much of our family, but it was the week of New Year's - being back in our own home, nothing to do but what we wanted, snow and bitter cold - that was the real vacation. It was delightful to spend half the morning dozing and the other half wondering what we should do all day. We rested, birdwatched, crafted, project'd, and ate (a little bit, not too much.) It was lovely, and here are some snaps to prove it. In the order in which they appear, but not that they happened: blueberry muffins, birdie muffins, Christmas lights are all still up, having a crisis of the wrong shade of yellow, hoppin' john, two new yellows, snow on the sedum, yesterday's nature walk.


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  1. I so get that- I didn't feel that we had a "restful" day until at least New Year's day!