Thursday, June 26, 2014

This week in my kitchen

bone broth :: homemade pizza :: cooling cake :: dressed up cake :: parmesan meatballs :: gooseberries + blueberries + blackberries (all of which we grew here at home) = "home berry" jam :: ultimate nachos

I have decided to keep a log this summer of all the things that I manage to put up and store for the winter (top left sidebar). I have never made my own broth before but this past weekend, we cleaned the freezer and made an inventory of everything we had in there. There was no sense in having old pieces and parts that were waiting to be made into broth when I could just have the broth, so I took care of that this week.

I also had our friends' girls for a day and I told them we could bake something if they wanted. Their request? Chocolate + chocolate + berries. Despite the cake being beautiful, I was NOT happy with how either part turned out. The procedure was peculiar for both of them, and I ended up with sub-optimal results, despite having had great results with the cake recipe. Long story short, I will tweak and when it suits me, I will share the recipes.

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  1. gosh that cake looks so so so good and it's sad that it wasn't as good as you had hoped. Maybe next time? I love the idea of keeping track of what you are putting away for the winter. Sounds like a list making activity which I enjoy :)

  2. oh my gosh that cake sure looks delicious! sorry it wasn't as tasty as you'd hoped. I'd love to have been around your kitchen this week- yum! and keeping a list like that is such a good idea- I've gotten good about keeping garden notes (well, last year I was anyway ;), this is something I maybe should adopt as well~

  3. Oh that dresses up beautifully and never would have know that it doesn't come up to your expectations.

  4. Delicious food! I'm working in a freezer (and pantry) inventory as well... trying to be better organised :)

  5. Even if you are not so pleased about your cake, it looks delicious! I will wait the winning recipe ^_^

  6. It all looks great...sorry the cake disappointed, though. Do share with the blog hop when it's done, because it looks amazing!