Saturday, January 17, 2015

Found: birdhouse

the thaw :: two canvasbacks (L) one redhead (R) ::
 three redheads (L) one female canvasback (M) one greater scaup (R) ::
 geese :: sycamore :: birdhouse :: air dry 

We went out this morning looking for birds. We are up to 48 species for the new year, and we added the Common Goldeneye, Greater Scaup and Northern Shoveler to our list. In addition to this excitement, I found a washed up birdhouse by the power plant. This spot is notorious for flotsam and jetsam. I honestly do not know where it all comes from! Last year at this same spot, Julian and I saw 17 basketballs float down the river within ten minutes from one another at this spot. I reached down and grabbed the house still covered with ice and soggy from its trip.

I love it! It is like it was meant for us to find it. I was last at this spot yesterday at 11am, so it had only recently washed up. One more thing to stow away while I wait for spring!


  1. Amanda, Love it! You found a treasure....wish I could have been on your treasure hunt with you :) I know you'll look forward to putting it up in the spring!