Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Kitchen Notes

chocolate toffee muddy buddies :: strawberry rugelach :: banana breads :: 
chocolate chip muffins and tea :: scotch eggs :: black bean hummus

I'm sure that, if you've gotten this far down in the post, you're thinking what I'm thinking - quick, someone bring out the veggies before we all just keel over. That's why I made the black bean hummus. Too little, too late?

The good news is that most of these photos are from the past two weeks and we are both happy to be back to a more normal kitchen routine. Fruits, veggies and WATER (instead of nog, cider, cocoa and all those scrummy things) have made their way back into our daily dosing. In fact. I had to consciously decide NOT to bake this evening because we don't need the calories, we don't need the mess and have you seen the price of butter lately!?!

What's going on in your kitchen? All good things full of New Year's resolve and the like, I hope. 


  1. It all looks super yummy. I started out eating super healthy for the New Year but I'm kinda falling by the wayside. It's awfully hard.

  2. who needs vegetable when all that good stuff is there to eat???