Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Those are totally unrelated photos of some leftover flowers I adopted from the church. 
Gosh. They are stunning. 

*on topic*

I returned my library books on Monday with intentions of acquiring a new big batch. Library CLOSED due to plumbing problems and flooding. Horror of horrors. I hope the books are okay. As if not getting new books weren't bad enough, I had to drop my returned books in the book-drop-thingy. I hate that. Such abuse. I try to be sweet to books. 

At least I still have some eBooks and audio books to work through. I was working on Hotel on the  Corner of Bitter and Sweet but it just didn't capture my attention. I found myself comfortable NOT pausing the audio when I got interrupted, and let me tell you - that's a sign. Life's too short for meh books. 

I requested the A Girl of the Limberlost from the library on audio but they got it in an eBook instead. I'm thrilled that they honored my request, but I will have to sit down and read it. 

At present I am enjoying (as always) some Wendell Berry. A world Lost is the story of Andy Catlett, a familiar name from the other Port William books. I am already smitten with it, just a few pages in. I just love how Berry knows people and knows how people know people. 

"Aunt Judith was the only woman I knew who smoked cigarettes, and this complicated the smell of her perfume in a way I rather liked."

I liked this line because it is an intimate kind of knowing a person that is completely sound when it is a nephew knowing his aunt, but it is a kind of knowing that grown man ought not know a woman who was not his wife. I just love it. If you haven't, read more Wendell Berry. 

What are you reading?


  1. Girl of the Limberlost amazed me in Jr.high. I loved it!!!

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