Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday of doing

It's just the framer/drywall guy and me today - just what I needed after last week's incessant banging and scurrying about of the plumber/electrician and his two apprentices.  Imagine Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty and you've got a good handle on my framer. Last week he sort of ruffled my feathers by telling me that he wouldn't come so early each morning so I'd have a chance to put my face on. This morning, he insisted on helping me make my bed before we covered it with plastic, since we were late to rise and I hadn't gotten it done before he came. I felt pretty embarrassed by the whole thing but he said, "Don't worry about it, you're making the bed, I'm just saving you the trip to the other side."

That and the pretty weather has gotten my Monday started on the right foot. It is 8:56am and 54F outside. I have put the garage-sheltered plants out on the driveway, filled up the bird feeders and pruned the rose bush. The birds are now poking around the flower bed in disgust,  like my pruning has ransacked their place, like they've come home from a fun morning out to find that the dog has chewed the pillows. I am heading back out now to pull some weeds in the herb bed and breath the crisp air of this February thaw.

Happy Monday!


  1. It's super cloudy here and I hope the sun comes out soon if it does. Glad you have a quieter day today!

  2. We had the same weather here this morning. It was refreshing. It can be very stressful when people are in your house working. Our problem lately is not being able to get somebody to come and do the work. It's not a large drywall job so nobody wants to do it! Good luck.

  3. Years ago when my Mike was a residential contractor he once washed dishes for a client before they ripped her cabinets out! I do love a helpful man!

    PS- what is the schedule for our RAL? I know you posted it somewhere,but I didn't write it down.:)

    1. Oh yes, I need a schedule too! Will look back through blog posts to see if I can find anything but I figured I needed to read about 20 pages in my edition (543/28)a day to get thru it in February?

  4. we have warm weather too, but it won't last; no weather lasts in NJ, it only circles. have a lovely evening!

  5. I've had workmen around since October....and they are finally (FINALLY!!!) almost done. (Painters have a couple hours worth....and the plumbers have to label some things?) Fortunately, they were doing renovations on an out-building, so I didn't have them making my bed but a couple mornings they were banging on the door 6:15 to check on some stuff. The joys...... It will be worth it!!!!