Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Yarn Along - Grumpity Grump

I'm in foul humor this morning...

I'm on day 28 of 21 on my bathroom remodel project and I'm ready for the workmen to be out of my hair. I am thankful for the bathrooms - they are going to be stunning - but I think Julian and I are both a little fed up with living out of boxes (closets are involved in the remodel, too) and sharing the teeny downstairs bathroom.

What's more, I feel like there is no privacy to be had and I never realized how much I need a little bit of alone time. Not ten minutes after Julian leaves for work in the morning the workmen are here. Their cell phones ring non-stop and I feel like they are looking at my mess. In our old house, we had three bathrooms, so no stranger or guest was ever in our bathroom and now with only having one functioning bathroom, the workmen use it, too.  I don't like that they can see my toothbrush. My soap. My bathrobe.

Tile went in yesterday, grout today, so the end is in sight. I am just weary. I suppose we are all allowed a weary day or two now and again.


I am knitting Men's Heavy Mittens for a friend in our bird club using Cascade 220 in Shire and Lettlopi in Chocolate. The Poisonwood Bible RAL drags on - I don't think any of us are keen on finishing the book but it must turn around at some point, right? For so many people to who say "Oh, I loved that book?"

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  1. Makes me glad we keep putting off our bathroom remodel project.

  2. hang in there, the end is in sight. I need alone time too.

  3. I hate remodeling. We have one project in particular that just can't seem to get finished. I won't even say how long it has been going on. I hope you and Julian can get your bathroom back and some privacy real soon! Hang in there.

  4. ugh. I do not like strange men in my house. It does put a damper on life., and here with strange men is my dog always on alert and not resting (and barking at them). Soon you will be done and then it will be all over!!! sorry about the book, it is good once your done ;)

  5. I really like Kingsolver but Poisonwood was not one of my favorites. Take heart....just keep imagining how wonderful it will be to use a brand new bathroom...someday