Wednesday, March 2, 2016


This week I experimented with a new way of doing the podcast, in little snippets that make the uploading on my end much more user friendly. I think it turned out well, if I do say so myself.

I forgot to show some of my yarn acquisitions last week and go into a bit of detail with them now. The pictures above show my new yarns as well as some cotton fabrics I plan to use in new projects.

Have a little look-see.

Podcasts I love:
Eva @ The Charm of It
Tilly Trout
Kate @ Bluestocking Podcast

Links to my Ravelry projects:
(You see how easy that is for me, instead of separate links to each pattern and yarn? Whew!)
Evie's Shawl
Penguin's Blankie
Land Agent (David-the-bird-master) Mittens

Sewing Patterns:
Dottie Angel Frock
Dwell Mini Quilt
Quilted Tea Cozy

Blackbird House
The Nightingale
Poisonwood Bible Read-along


  1. i enjoyed your podcast, you have a very soothing voice!!! gorgeous fabrics!!!!

  2. I always have good intentions with fabric, but since I can't sew well it never turns out as I envisioned.

  3. I love the blue tune of your yarn, and your fabrics are very nice! Hope to see soon what you will create with them.

  4. Still watching the video, and loving it, but wanted to tell you what I would do with the shawlette, soak it and pin it to the points you want, then take a cotton tea towel, lay it over the yarn and iron away, just making sure the iron never touches the yarn. That is how I do it and it works every time. Okay, back to the video.

    1. What the heck are you guys doing to poor penguin and his blankie to have them in that condition? ;)

    2. I have knit a pair of socks in that same colorway and love them.

      Great podcast this week, thank you for being here with me as I ate my lunch and knit for a bit.

  5. Once again, I loved spending an hour with you. Your penguin story is sweet and I hope the new blankie products him from here on out. You're making me want to watch birds.....

  6. I watched your podcast yesterday, and really enjoyed it. More things we have in common! Did you know that Sandra Boynton not only writes and illustrates these amazing kids books, but also writes music. Here, I got something for you: I hope you love it!