Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Around the house

The sun has still been shining, which is odd for Morgantown this time of year. In our experience, the sun goes away the first of October and comes back out in May, but we only just got our first frost last night. I wonder if the winter will be mild.

I've been thinking on what handmade things I'd like to get done before the holidays. I never know if made gifts will be appreciated and I hate to go to the trouble of making them if they are not. The only person I've got checked off the list already is my sister - I'm sorry for her if she asks for something specific, but she is taken care of with this.

The cross stitch hasn't had much attention since the little houses are getting done. I've not been journaling the houses, but I am still making them. I've not counted recently, but I should!

Keeping calm and crafting on with Frontier Dreams.

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  1. lovely stitching. I knit for three people for the holidays and that's about it. My kids and husband do not count and I try to knit something but it's not crucial.