Friday, October 3, 2014

Harvest Wreath Tutorial

When we lived in Blacksburg, I bought a sunflower swag for our apartment door. It was lovely, just the right size, and inexpensive after my 40% off Michael's coupon. Seven years later, it has seen better days, so I wanted to spruce it up a bit.

Last year, I bought a 10yd. spool of burlap for making a garland for my lamppost. That never got done. This year, I decided it would all make a nice wreath. Here's what I did: 


One 16" square wire wreath frame, like this (link shows 14")
Two spools (6yds.) orange glitter ribbon, one inch wide
Two 10yd. spools of burlap ribbon/garland, not wired
One one-piece sunflower/fall floral swag (between 16-20")
About six mini zip ties 
One good sized command hook

I googled a deco-mesh wreath tutorial, but I didn't have a "work" wreath with the pipe cleaner thingies. So, I was in Michael's and found a burlap wreath that they were selling for $60, turned it over and looked at the back of it. I saw that it was just one of these wire ones and they had woven the burlap through the things and bubbled it up. So I just pulled my burlap through, fluffed, pulled and fluffed. You can see above how far I got with one roll of burlap. The ribbon went a bit further, mainly because I just wrapped it through intermittently. 

After I'd gotten the burlap and the ribbon on the wreath form, I put one mini zip tie on each corner to clamp in all in place. Then, turned it over a few times and looked at it from a distance to try to find a natural top/bottom. Mine had a bit of a hole in it where the burlap was a bit less bunchy, so I put the swag there. 

The swag is just one unit, and it is fastened on with two zip ties. Easy peasy. I took my leftover ribbon (about a yard) and made a long loop from the top and hung it from an upside-down command hook on the inside of my door (thanks, Pinterest). 

If you are willing to make repeat trips, and or force your husband to go through another line, you can work your craft store coupons and make the wreath for as little as $20. If not, all the parts will run about $40. 

Best thing? I didn't even use the glue gun, so all my fingertips are still in tact. Tiny victory. 
I hope you like it! Keep calm and craft on with Frontier Dreams!


  1. Lovely wreath and perfect for autumn! It looks great!

  2. Beautiful, thanks for the tutorial!

  3. that wreath is amazing! looks perfect!