Thursday, October 9, 2014

In the kitchen

Nothing too exciting here. It was my birthday last weekend and it didn't even occur to me until the last minute to bake anything for the occasion. I had baked this apple pie just because I had the apples and wanted to try the recipe. It was good, better chilled instead of warm because of the cream part, but I can't make an honest assessment because I accidentally doubled the salt in the crust. Yikes!

That potato soup was, undoubtably, the best I've ever made. I used yukon gold potatoes, loosely followed Pioneer Woman's recipe, and thickened it with a white sauce I learned about by watching Julia Child reruns (c. 1956). I might be able to duplicate it but don't hold your breath.

Last but not least, and first in the photos, I needed a meal for two and I had leftover couscous for one and a salmon portion for one, so I made spinach and kale salads, topped with couscous and bits of salmon. It was delicious, but didn't last long in our bellies on this adventure down the Decker's Creek Rail Trail:

What's happening in your kitchen this week? Show and tell with us @ Beauty That Moves.


  1. Found you through Heather. What do you mean by couches?

    1. Ha! Auto-correct strikes again!! Thanks for pointing it out! Couches = couscous

  2. That potato soup! We've been making a version the last few weeks too. I am so grateful for the earthier flavors of fall.

  3. The potato soup sounds fantastic! Will have to add that to the list of soups to try on the family. Thanks for stopping by - and for the encouragement.

  4. Happy belated birthday! I so definitely need to be cooking with apples over the long weekend. Thanks for including pictures of the trail too--just lovely!

  5. happy birthday!!!!! I love how you made your salmon and couscous into a meal :) I would love some potato soup but again, I'm the only one who enjoys it in this household...

  6. How beautiful -- even the apples look artistically carved! Happy birthday!