Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cut card

I was bumbling through Pinterest one day not too long ago and found a pin that looked interesting - it was about block carving. I sent it to Julian (on his computer, across the living room, sheesh) and he liked it too.  A little bit of research and a mini shopping spree later, and we spent one night last week coming up with our Christmas card print for this year.

We've never done anything like this before, but I thought there was no sense jumping off the deep end without a reason, so I hatched the homemade card plan and got to work. We bought the speedball starter kit and Julian said if I would draw something out, he would carve it (isn't it nice to be good at different things?). I found inspiration in the words of silent night, my least favorite Christmas song, so that's pretty ironic.  Since this was our first endeavor with block printing, I wanted something simple, and the idea of calmness came to mind. All is calm, all is bright.

Don't you just love it? We've got ink and a brayer on order, so we've not had a chance to experiment with the actual printmaking part. Can't wait for the next step!

Keep calm and craft on with Frontier Dreams


  1. Your carving is lovely, it's always fun to try a different craft. Thanks for popping by.

  2. I do love it!! so creative and a lovely design :)

  3. I love yr design. Block carving is something I have pinned a lot lately but not yet done anything about... I think I just need to confidence to get carving!