Friday, October 10, 2014

Little Houses, Week IV

I didn't take a picture of each house on its one each day, nor did I journal when I did them. We've had some gloomy fall days and some stunning ones too. We've been thwarted by the rain and couldn't get the grass mowed until Monday, and then the gloomy-ness and mist settled back in. I'll take it. Having a cloudy day is like having permission to slow down a bit, to linger a little longer at the things that fill your day.

Sunday was the first day that I've been home and not made a house. I came home from our friend's house, at about 10pm, with a terrible headache. I didn't make the house and I was, surprisingly, just fine with that and didn't feel like a miserable failure of a human.

I am officially > 10% finished with construction on my houses. My goal is a twin sized quilt made of 200 houses. Today's house makes 22. It is such a rewarding project and I cannot wait to see it finished!

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  1. lovely piecing and I hope you get your 200 houses! I know you will :)