Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Yarn Along Preview

Hi friends - I haven't gotten around to filming my podcast for the week. I've got the luxury of having the-one-who-loves-me-best home on Winter Break (until January 16!!) so we've been doing a fair bit of adventuring and house remodeling in between the wallowing in self-pity caused by our shared head colds.

When I do my podcast, I'll talk a bit about my trick for M1L & M1R, my two Emerald City Shawlettes, my yarn wish that got granted, my new favorite shawl edge, and that sock I started. If you'd like to follow along on all my yarn-y, kitchen-y, and completely random adventures, follow me on Instagram (mrsdymacek) until we can visit again here.

How does Thursday sound? You + me? A cuppa tea? Let's do that, yes?


We are up with the sun this morning because we're heading to Williamsburg for our annual go-shop-up-a-big-city trip. Follow along on Instagram if you're interested. I'll post until Julian tells me that I really need to stop obsessing about my phone.

Also, you can join in on the Yarn-Along fun with Ginny @


  1. I will be checking my phone today and checking back in with you tomorrow!

  2. What an interesting yarn you are knitting with!

    1. I generally don't do big-box-store yarn but this is Lion Brand Amazing and it is!

  3. Beautiful pictures! And I'm looking foreward to your Podcast too!

  4. Can't wait for your podcast! I tend to buy a lot of Lion Brand yarn. I love to buy local yarn at the co-op, but it is EXPENSIVE! Unfortunately my budget isn't that big, so yarn from AC Moore helps. I love to knit with cotton too though, so it ends up being pretty inexpensive.

  5. I'm looking forward your podcast, and seeing all the photos from your trip, have fun!

  6. That is really pretty yarn! I also used lion brand from time to time because my LYS is an hour away and sometimes I get impatient about waiting for time to get there or for yarn in the mail! Haha!

  7. Wow, really interesting yarn! I'll manage a cuppa and a podcast today if the baby allows!