Tuesday, May 14, 2013


The Core Arboretum is named after a WVU botanist, Earl L. Core. It is made up of 91 acres between the busiest road in town and the Monongahela River - a total escape left largely to the whims of nature and not much more. We are blessed to have this very neat space right in our "backyard" but we've only visited twice in three years.They had a wildflower tour on April 21 and we totally planned to go... and then it was April 22 and we'd forgotten. At least there were a few wild larkspurs left there to greet us.

I am subscribed to get eBird updates on birds that are sighted in my county and for several weeks now, there have been reports of wood ducks at the arboretum so on Sunday afternoon we headed out with a backpack holding the bird book, binoculars, bottled water and a camera. We looked and looked, but never found the ducks. Nevertheless, we had a lovely time.

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  1. Looks like a fun outing whether or not the ducks were present. We used to take the kids to the state parks lots of times. Their favorite activity was to upturn rocks in the creek and find salamanders-this could entertain for hours!!