Friday, May 17, 2013


I found out this week that I've maxed out on my annual leave accrual and can't earn more vacation time until I take some. That's a first world problem, let me tell ya'. So Julian didn't have lab meeting today which is a rarity, and tomorrow will be taken up largely by the festivities of the state championship lacrosse game, so today I took the day off - a decision that was made at about 4:45 yesterday. We got up and hit the road to check out a yard sale across town that started at 8am. It was made up of a group of young families, so there was a bunch of kid stuff, not much stuff to interest us but we scored a vintage Muffinaire 6-tin to add to our collection for just a quarter.

 Then, we loaded up the kayaks for the first time this year and headed to the lake. We had a great time just paddling and observing, no real plan or goal in mind. We hit Lowe's on our way home and scored 60 annuals in cell packs for $2.50, on the clearance rack but absolutely just fine. the verbena and petunias are a craps shoot what color they will be but I don't mind that...

We headed to the Chinese buffet (where else would you eat on hookie-day) and Julian went to lacrosse practice. At home, we did a few chores and have settled in, properly prepared to enjoy the weekend ahead of us. It was a good day. 

Picture explanation: I really hate cell phone self-portraits but this was done in jest and ended up being the best ever. I had found a black locust in bloom hanging over the lake so I could reach it and pluck the bloom off. The fragrance of them is intoxicating to me - my favorite smell of spring - like a gardenia mixed with lily of the valley. Anyhow, I plucked a bloom bunch off and told Julian it reminded my of another of my loves, tsumami kanzashi. So I pinned it in and snapped away. Then I realized you can see the black locust tree in bloom behind me, and not only my kayak but Julian's kayak in the reflection of my lens. So there. That is how you unintentionally craft an appropriately artful selfie.


  1. Yay for a day off! I always , always think of you guys when I see pitiful plants at Lowes or Home Depot. 60 for $2.50??

  2. We got 10 6-packs for $.25 each!