Friday, May 31, 2013

Veg Patch Update

Its been a warm one. We had a leak in our AC and had to get the coolant recharged. Last night we slept on the air mattress in the basement with a box fan. I froze. Julian was just right, I suppose - just right for sleeping on an air mattress with a sinus infection and a box fan whizzing at his head. All better now, me thinks. [*update - not better yet and Julian froze too, he said]

The plants are going wild. We've had outstanding luck keeping the deer away. Plants I never knew would get so big are huge because they've not been munched. [*update - the deer just munched this morning]

Now that the deer seem under control, it is time for the slugs. Ewww. I loathe them.

Wrenny (we name everything, and not very creatively), the male house wren has taken up residence in our house for the third year running without finding a mate. The males build the nests and coax the females to them. While I enjoy his near constant bubbly tune, it makes me sad that he hasn't had any luck yet with the family. A lady friend was here for a bit in early spring but she didn't stick around.

Anything nesting in your garden?

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