Monday, May 20, 2013

Pressed flowers

It's been years since the old aunt of my childhood friend showed me the joys of pressing flowers. She always made a collection of greeting cards to sell at our church's fall festival. She would even bring the flowers, cards, and contact paper (I hate contact paper) and let each of the children make his or her own.

Last week I was reminded of this and inspired by a picture on Ginny's blog. Julian and I popped into Lowe's on our hookie Friday and grabbed the wing nuts and bolts and had the time to put it together today. I insisted on having a 6 in. bolt. We had quite the chuckle when we realized exactly how long 6 in. is, so now I have the tall order of pressing enough flowers at one time to prove to him the value of the extra length.

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  1. I too remember the joy of my childhood flower press, so much so that I made one for each of my girls. Now they enjoy collecting wildflowers and pressing them. Pity you can't find flower presses on the average store shelf anymore. Well done for making your own, looking forward to seeing some of your creations.