Sunday, May 4, 2014


Its been a mumbo-jumbo weekend. No real structure but lots of sleeping in (which really just counter acts the wakefulness at 4:00am), eating and lounging about. Julian's lacrosse team had their first nasty loss of the season. They lost by four goals and sustained four penalties caused by players' foul language. Coincidence? I think not. Teaching teenage boys that they CAN, indeed, control their response to provocation is a challenge, at the least. Friday night was not fun; Saturday morning, more of the same.

Saturday afternoon I got some baking done. I am working on a recipe that I want to submit to the Bread edition of Taproot Magazine. I think I've arrived at the step in the process that requires finding test bakers... any volunteers?

I got the windows open today despite the very blustry winds. I spent the afternoon dusting when I witness all the dust bunnies floating around on the breeze. Eek! Maybe that's why we do "spring cleaning".

How was your weekend?

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  1. my spring cleaning was the kitchen window and the sliding glass door, then I stopped :) Sorry about the loss and I hope they win again soon.

  2. funny about the dusting. so what is the recipe you are working on?? i love baking. :)

    1. It sounds silly to say but I'm working on the most perfect blueberry muffin recipe known to man. One would think there are enough blueberry muffin recipes in the world... but I don't like about 95% of them! If you want to try the recipe, send me an email!

  3. recipe creating sounds challenging and fun! and sleeping in, enjoy it while you can :)

  4. I love blueberry muffins~ I've recently settled on a slightly modified version of the one in the Laurel's Kitchen Bread book, but would be happy to try another!