Tuesday, May 27, 2014

{Yarn Along} Finished Hitchhiker!

The Hitchhiker is complete! It is very lovely, indeed!
Now, on to the next thing. I have a handful of projects to finish up but already I am searching for the next new knitting project. I've been bitten by the shawl bug, it seems. I was able to do an advanced search on Raverly to get some great pattern suggestions :: free, stockinette, size 3 needles, shawl, #2-3 difficulty rating, fingering weight yarn. I was a little bit surprised to discover that the first two recommendations were already in my ideas list and the two top consenters are: Light & Up (though I'm not wild about the tassels) and Eiku. I have some yarn in my stash from the clearance rack at Michael's - Loops and Thread Luxury Sock in Redwoods that I think is my next choice. Thoughts?

I've found myself with a little more time than usual, so my reading is coming along nicely, too. I just LOVE when a good book inspires reading more good books, and that is what Guernsey is doing. It is written in correspondence format, which I love, and all the characters are so genuine and witty! I keep thinking I need to make notes of the funny expressions they use! Also, the book references Charles Lamb and I happen to have a copy of his Dissertation Upon Roast Pig in my to-read stack as well.
My sister was an avid reader when we were growing up. I was a good reader but found no pleasure in it. Partly to be different from her, I refused to enjoy books. This book has, however, reminded me of many classic books that I haven't read and should - most notably Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre
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  1. your hitchhiker is stunning and I love the photo that showcases your beautiful work :)

  2. That's a great book.
    Your hitchhiker is beautiful - as is the chair that it is sitting on! I've been wearing mine today - yet another chilly day here in the alps, don't know where the spring has gone!

  3. I have also found myself in a shawl bug too! BO one and CO another! ;) I think I'll add hitchhiker to my list!

  4. Beautiful pictures, and beautiful shawl! I love when I have an FO to show on Yarn Along day!
    Oh Jane Eyre... one of my favorites. So many classics I am missing too. As for Jane Eyre, I listened to it last summer, my third time to read it. You could check out www.craftlit and listen to it audibly if you wanted, there's a great reader who does that book in that podcast's library and I really enjoyed some of the literary commentary from Heather, the podcast host, that helped open the book up even more to me in ways I hadn't realized when I'd devoured its pages before.

  5. Your Hitchhiker looks great! I'm not familiar with either of those two shawl patterns so I'm not much help there! They are addicting though aren't they? I always seem to have one on the needles these days.

  6. I loved Guernsey! Lovely hitchhiker, thanks for sharing.

  7. Your Hitchhiker is beautiful. I am currently in the middle of Wuthering Heights. I will be happy to say I have read it but I am not loving it.