Saturday, July 12, 2014

Daylilies - an inventory

Orange recurved petals with red inside, huge flowers, chest high scapes, latest bloomer

Lemony-ivory, mid-height, early bloomer 
Double bloom, electric orange, small/knee-high

Chest-high scales, large blooms, mid-season, three salmon/orange petals, three maroon (my Hokie lily)

Pinky-mauve, lemony green throat, early bloomer, medium height
Short, dark orangey red, mid-season

My favorite! Tennessee orange, very tall scapes, simple flower, fragrant

Salom, mid-height, mid-season

Stunning ruffly burgundy, mid-season bloomer, short/knee-high

Dusty pink, three recurved petals, three cupped petals, mid-season, medium height

(the double trouble ones...)

Peachy ruffles, small bloom, earliest bloomers, started by me from seed from Tamarack
I am blessed with a wonderful variety of day lilies. Julian's uncle collected them and my sister-in-law has carried them on (abundantly!). This post serves as a list of all the ones I have so we can see who has which kinds and make sure that when the divisions are made, all varieties are accounted for. Do you love them as much as we do?

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  1. They are my very favorite flower. I have many of the same ones. =)