Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wedding ring ... thing

It seems the quilting women of my family all have a niche, a kind of quilt that is "their thing." My grandmother loves a simple nine patch, my great aunt Mildred did hexie flower gardens and my great grandmother was known for her double wedding rings. I grew up playing I Spy on the one she made for my parents as a wedding gift.

This past spring, my grandmother showed up with her most notorious kind of gift - the you-can-have-this-if-you-promise-to-finish-it kind! So here I am. On a rainy Tuesday, I'm still in my pajamas and preparing the binding for what I've decided will be a wall hanging.

Three parts of it were pieced by my great grandmother and one piece added to complete the motif by my grandmother. The fabrics range from original feedsacks to 1980's chintzy prints. This has presented a challenge for picking binding fabric, so I did the only logical thing and put it to a vote on Facebook. So here we go with a scrap from none other than Julian's grandmother.
A three grandmother wall hanging wedding ring quilt thingy - how special!