Thursday, July 10, 2014

This week in my {messy} kitchen

tidy spice drawer :: tidy beside-the-stove cupboard :: yardsale finds ::fresh pears :: 
pear salad with goat cheese and roasted sunflower seeds

This week in my kitchen was about leaving it cleaner than it started. It has been months since I've sorted and taken inventory of what's in the pantry. I just keep buying groceries without really knowing what I have. Two sea salt grinders? Three peppercorn grinders? About 12 lbs of pasta!?!

We've also had some good luck yardsale-ing these past few weekends and now I have a few more things to fit into my kitchen cabinets. My vintage glass snack set obsession has gotten me up to 40 matched sets of plates and glasses. What a party that would be! So far as I can tell, antique stores sell them for about $8+ a set and my most recent purchase cost me 80 cents per set!

We must have eaten something this week, though I'm not exactly sure what. I am excited that good fresh pears are in season. They were my very favorite fruit as a child and mom wouldn't often buy them. Perhaps because the second they are ripe, they are prone to bruising badly.

I also tried a "Holy Yum Chicken" recipe from Pinterest. I found the sauce a bit mustard-y and strong, but the chicken was moist and delicious. If you try it, I recommend using half and half mustard to maple syrup instead of 2:1 mustard and syrup.

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  1. pears are Claire's favorite as well, and I'm a big fan of them too~ I love your cute yard sale booty, always enjoy seeing the treasures people find!

  2. Oh, I'm going to have to grab some pears at the store this week. Those look yummy!

  3. Yes, that pear salad looks so good.

  4. Pears! My family's long-ago next-door neighbors in northern Ohio were wonderful, including that they would share pears from their pretty tree with us. I think those tasted the best of any I ever had...

  5. The salad does indeed look fabulous, and I'll have to steal that. Isn't it just wonderful to organize and de-clutter in the kitchen? Such a relief to have a little more order in the most-used room of the house!

  6. I tend to do that as well, buy without knowing what is in the house. Yesterday we used udon noodles in our stirfry that has been languishing in the cupboard along with various other noodles.

  7. I am bad at buying before taking inventory. And my husband - he is worse!