Wednesday, July 9, 2014

{Yarn Along} Same shawl, New book

The knitting was on hold for two weeks: one for finishing up these two projects and one for the holiday. Both this pillow and needlepoint were gifts for my sister-in-law, overdue but with timely sentiments. The pillow marks her 14th anniversary, for which the traditional gift is ivory. The needlepoint was done for her birthday a year ago but the frame only recently got finished by Julian. I think both turned out so nicely.

I'm back to the Redwoods shawl with fervor. I don't know why but it is like a book I can't put down. I am just finishing the first skien of yarn (229 yds.) and I have finished the first set of eyelet rows. I'm very happy with it so far and so delighted that I've managed to knit while watching hours and hours of soccer and not mess anything up!

As for the reading, I had to punt on Maeve Binchy. I just wasn't into it on audio, not because I didn't try to be, but too much time went by between chapters and I was having a hard time wrapping my mind around the characters and plot. Instead, and thanks to the recommendation of my friend (take a minute to click that link for more book reviews), I am now listening to James Herriot's All Things Wise and Wonderful.  In addition to his country veterinary tales, Herriot tells a bit about his time in the RAF. Since I finished the potato peel pie book and have binge watched the first six seasons of Foyle's War in the past two months, it seemed fitting to stick with the WWII in Britain theme. I just love the book.  I love his candor, his recollection of a different time, both more simple and more complicated. 

What are you crafting and/or reading?

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  1. Oh, fun! I'm glad you're enjoying the book, too. I'm pretty sure it grabbed me for the same reasons: Guernsey and Foyle's.

  2. pretty gifts you've made! Love the pillow and needlepoint reminds me of my mom :) Bummer about the Binchy book, I loved reading her stuff (never listened though). We are watching All Creatures on Netflix!

  3. Beautiful gifts, I particularly like the cushion very pretty.

  4. Your finished projects are beautiful. I hope you enjoy your book. James Herriot is one of my favorite authors. I even have all of his children's book that my children enjoyed immensely.

  5. I love that pillow and what a lovely sentiment. On the theme of WWII books, have you read Housewife, 49? One of my favourites.