Thursday, September 4, 2014

In the kitchen

panzanella in the works :: coming together :: italian sausage with zucchini and tomatoes over basmati rice :: the gift :: the sift :: the finished article :: homemade fried rice :: banana-chocolate chip bread :: flower power

Just when I thought this would be a boring week in the kitchen (unlike last week), I got a surprise delivery! My aunt had been to Paris and she sent a package back with a macaron cookbook, an apron, and a silicone baking mat. What a special treat! What's more is that the experience was a great success. What's even more exciting than that is that I made the lemon curd from a lemon off our own little tree. Yum-o.

I did a bit of baking for a friend whose mother passed away last week and in the next 48 hours, I will bake two birthday cakes. If I were really documenting the truth of what's happening in my kitchen, this whole post would be pictures of dirty dishes piled high!

How about your kitchen? Join me and others at Beauty That Moves.


  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your kitchen, they look amazing

  2. Lovely pictures - the tomato looks delicious! The fried rice makes me think of a YouTube video I found a couple years for GuanZou fried rice that had me in stitches. Good recipe, fabulous delivery.


  3. Oh my, what yummy-delicious photos. That first photo threw me for a moment though... Look closely... I thought it was a fried egg... but I was wondering how you got that beautifull scalloped edge! The bowl in the next photo made me go back and do a double-take! LOL Also, I have never eaten a macaron... never see them anywhere around here (at least where I go...), but they intrigue me. Were you happy with your results?

    1. Yes, I was! I used the "italian meringue" method, which made it simpler, I think. There were some issues with the piping of the batter prior to baking, but its certainly something that gets easier with practice.

  4. I am so impressed with your delicious-looking macarons!

  5. It's official. I'm moving to your house to eat. (Hot weather and starting the semester just killed my cooking this week!) Everything looks amazing, and just as important: it looks like you had a lot of fun with it!

  6. I wish I liked being in the kitchen as much as you, but I'd rather be knitting....but I'm lucky that my sister loves to cook and bake and when I'm with her I get to enjoy that talent. Love your macaroon shot :)