Wednesday, September 3, 2014

{Yarn Along} New Work

I grabbed some yarn out of my stash and cast on this lovely. I'm making it from aran weight instead of super bulky, so it won't knit up as quickly, but that should be OK, since the pattern is a simple measurement one. I love the colors of the yarn, especially since my last project was so subtle, but the texture is a bit tricky. I think I've got it a little bit too long, so while I'm only on my third row, I might rip it back a bit.

In other news, I finished Jayber Crow and loved it so much I immediately started Nathan Coulter and finished it, too! I feel like, having read both those books, I know so much more about the male mind - about every man I've ever known. Each character in the books is a certain kind of man. They each have their insecurities and their struggles, but it is so completely different from the way women work and think and do. Fascinating. And not the least bit nostalgic for me.

Ah - now I'm looking forward to Hannah Coulter. Nathan Coulter was written from the perspective of Nathan as a child and early teen, Hannah is his wife and that story is written from Hannah's perspective as an old woman.

If you care to follow up on last week's post and see my quilting progress, click here.

What are you knitting and reading? Linking up with Ginny.


  1. I love the shrug and just pinned it.
    Isn't Wendell Berry great? I loved Hannah Coulter and think you will too.

  2. I also just pinned it for a future project when I need something easy to do. I am loving your list of things you've put up this year. I just made 3 jars of candied jalapenos. I have plenty of the syrup left, so plan on making more as the jalapenos come in.

  3. that should be a super quick knit! What fun! I rarely knit with yarns thicker than worsted...but there are perks aren't there? lovely colors!

  4. I can't wait to see your finished project. It will look amazing in that shade of blue.