Thursday, March 6, 2014

A pick-me-up and a finish.

For lots of reasons, yesterday was not the best of days. The house was pretty doleful and when it gets that way, there's not much helping it. You just have to wait it out, round the bend - peace will come, or it won't, and we move on and do our best.

I had been wondering what had become of my swap package that I was supposed to receive. We have a tricky system of getting packages in our neighborhood and a mail person that is questionable, at best. Turns out, it was waiting for the right time to show up. The time when I needed something new to feel and savor. Jess, from Fifth Lamp Down, got my name in the blog swap I participated in with Amanda @ Sweet Potato Claire. She made a wonderful woven wool bag, lined with darling floral fabric, and enclosed salted caramels and cocoa almonds, local treats from St. Paul, Minn. THANK YOU! Everything is so nice.

My homebodies stitching (from Charlotte Lyons) is finished in part. The stitching is done but the "finishing" still needs to be finished. I'm framing it in this lovely blue linen and will bind it like a mini quilt in the green and blue dot fabric. I plan to hang it on the wall but have not sorted out those logistics yet. I started in September, so five months is record time for me to finish a project! I really enjoyed it, I did. Aren't their faces so sweet?


  1. What a beautiful bag and salted caramels, yum.

  2. very nice! the bag is beautiful, and if I weren't hundreds of miles away I'd totally invite myself over for some caramels ;)

    love your homebodies stitching~ they look like my kinda girls.

  3. Love your present :) now that stitching is so pretty, delicate and you know what?? I'm a homebody!!

  4. Sorry for a not so great day but glad for such a fun package!