Sunday, March 16, 2014


My photos always load in the blog in backwards chronological order, so imagine it differently. Saturday morning was 7am breakfast with Julian at Ruby & Ketchy's. Then he headed to the lacrosse field and I went adventuring the the local Audubon group. An adventure without one another!? Gasp! I know... I just missed him the whole time we were apart and then, when the birds had all been seen (I did log a Northern Shoveler, a first for me), I drove to the lacrosse field and sat in the parking lot with my knitting. I just like knowing that if I WANT to talk to him, and vice versa, I can. 

Saturday afternoon was spent recuperating from being windswept all morning long, Sunday was spent resting, working through a 10-minute talk Julian will give Tuesday on his research, and in the company of our good friends. I even got to play with some fun fabric. I love batiks. 

In other news, I managed to drop a plastic tub of flour our of the pantry and onto my forehead, splitting it open and making a bit of a bruise. It doesn't seem like a big deal but its put me in a bit of a funk all day. I feel like a wimp for admitting it hurts, but its not every day you get clocked in the temple with 5 lbs. of dead weight.  What's more is that its the second time this week - on Thursday, it was the gallon jug of vinegar! I was so glad I didn't get a bath in the stuff.

Another Monday already? Hmm. Despite the fact that it seems like the weekend is never long enough, I am so glad our society has decided we need weekends. Agree? It is something we completely take for granted, that we have a period of work, and then we rest.  Interesting how the world can toss that God created all things, but still manage to hang on to the "rest" part.

Weekending with Amanda.


  1. I would think five pounds of anything dropped on the head would hurt. I have all of my heavy stuff in bottom cupboards so I can't drop them on my head ;) Your weekend sounds nice except for the injury.

  2. Oh my gosh that must have hurt!!! The weekends really are too short aren't they?

  3. your poor head :(

    love those colorful fabric scraps!