Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ten Things

Ten things you might not know about Julian and me:

  1. We met in high school but didn't date until we were finished with college. He's not a fan of this picture because his face isn't in it, but he doesn't like to be in pictures anyway.
  2. I grew up on a farm and both of his parents did. We never want to return to farming, but it is our #2 priority to get back to country life.
  3. Our #1 priority is finishing his PhD. Julian is currently a lung cancer researcher. I say currently because he is a computer scientist and they can be and do almost anything. 
  4. I'm not a type-A personality and it frustrates me that people have to tell you that they are. So what?
  5. I also don't like people who announce their pet peeves, like the fact that its a "pet" peeve makes it justifiable to not like or harshly judge a person. 
  6. I'm pretty crafty but nine times out of ten, if its something done with one's hands, Julian is better at it than me. Buttercream roses? Yep.Temari balls? Of course. 
  7. People think Julian is the wisest person ever because he never says anything unless it is profound (or funny).
  8. Julian was brought up in a family that has always bought good books. I have a hang up about buying books because I'm not sure if I'm going to like it, so I can't spend the money. If I can't get a book for free or from the library, I don't read it (unless its a cookbook, I buy lots of those). 
  9. Do you know what a cake walk is? I have won a cake at every cake walk I've ever gone to. One time in grade school, I won my best friend's mom's cake and she won my mom's cake. There should be more cake walks in the world. 
  10. We are kind of serious, but kind of joking, about wanting to redo a Model A car. It's one of those things that should wait to be done when we are retired but it is time sensitive - there won't always be old Model A parts sitting around. 
Did you learn anything new?

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  1. love getting to know you :) My husband is in academia and the phd is quite the hurdle!! My son is visiting schools for his math phd this past week. Decisions. Lovely list :)