Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Yarn Along + Harbingers of Spring

I now have two sweet bunnies with two little capelets. I think I will put a button on the yellow one instead of a tie. Technically its not baby safe but I think it would look nicer. I've been consistently plowing through my WIP stack and have been having very positive results, but of course, crafting productivity leads to more new project inspiration!

I'm trying to go by quarters this year. I have a list of things to finish by March 23 and I am postponing the start of other things on the condition that I get the first list completed. Grandma comes in one week so I'll need to finish up my cousin's pillow to send back. The hitchhiker shawl is dying on the vine, so that will go on my second quarter list. I really struggled with it last summer - I think I need to switch to bamboo needles because the yarn is so tiny and slippery that the metal needles are more hindrance than help. Any advice?

Last in the crafting category, I was digging through scraps that I got out of my sister-in-law's attic and I came across these purple pieces. I'm pretty sure they are original feedsacks! That was a happy discovery indeed and now I need to think up something to make the most of them.

On the spring front - it all came crashing down yesterday, despite the ground still being snow covered. It was the first day of lacrosse practice (postponed one day for bad weather), I got a note from my mom that said our 16 year old goose had just laid her first egg of the season, and we got our first glimpse of the red-winged blackbird who comes a'courtin' in our back yard each year. Spring has sprung!

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  1. yes wooden would be very good for slippery yarn definitely switch to those and I bet you'll be back on track. LOVE the capelets, so cute :)

  2. Adorable projects, Amanda! Love them. :) I just finished a baby blanket knit on metal needles (a project handed off to me from my daughter in law) and I have to say that I just hated working that slippery cotton on those needles...not enjoyable. I'd have switched to wood or bamboo, but I didn't have a long enough circular to do so. Yes, switch! You'll fall in love with your hitchhiker! Hooray for spring!

  3. The bunnies are so darn cute! As far as the slippery yarn and slick needles - switching to bamboo would probably help. Or very sharp needles like Hiya Hiya or Signatures. I plan on knitting a lace weight project this summer and I'm not sure which needles to use either. If it's not fun then I will abandon the project pretty quickly!

  4. Such cute bunnies.
    I agree with Donna, either bamboo so the yarn will grab or else something sharp. Hiya Hiya even makes a line of needles that are sharper than their normal line, they are great.

  5. I also really enjoy making my daughter one of these sweet bunnies. Yours came out great!