Monday, March 3, 2014

In Like A Lion

Top: sparrow's "fingerprints," I like to call them
Bottom: The gutter has a drip and it made a lovely chandelier on the butterfly bush when the sun came out.

Well this giant snowstorm that was predicted wasn't giant at all, not for us at least, though it was rather inconvenient in parts farther south. I'm back to feeding birds on the patio step and they are cheeky devils. They are old hat at surviving single digits.

The snow storm gave us just what we needed: a day off work, a midday nap, shopping trip in the daylight hours, school cancellation but lacrosse practice still on for tomorrow (without the school cancellation, practice would have conflicted with a very important meeting for Julian), and an excuse for Chinese takeout. We may or may not have been eating shortbread in the bed until noon - I'll never tell.

(Our first few years of married life, we had a very bad habit of eating baked goods in bed - laptops on laps, covers up to our chins, Blacksburg wind howling at the windows - so we created the Bed Monster, a figment of our imaginations who comes along and eats all the crumbs that you leave behind so you don't have to worry about them. Lovely thoughts. Yes, indeed. )

Eh.... I'm off to change the sheets... good thing the shortbread AND brownie brittle are gone.

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  1. I would have loved to have some shortbread crumbs, not in my bed though, just on the table. the storm missed us completely, phew!