Sunday, March 2, 2014


Long overdue tulip forcing
A new little bunny in the house, acquiring bunnies is becoming a trend
Quality time with friends, we tried our best to replicate Primanti Bros. sandwiches
It was a celebration that we are getting a local shop here in Morgantown
Cured meat + french fries + cole slaw + fried egg + cheese + sausage + condiments on sourdough
I think our homemade version was tastier than the original
Shortbread, snow day, incredible birding with a merganser trifecta at Prickett's Fort State Park
I discovered, and devoured, brownie brittle

** With Amanda at Habit of Being**


  1. that sandwich sounds awesome

  2. can I come over? you have such delicious looking food that I would love to sample :)

  3. Your shortbread looks so good! I have friends with bunnies and I hear it becomes an addiction of sorts.

  4. i remember my first experience with a sandwich from primanti bros - never had anything like it before!