Friday, April 11, 2014

No words..

To be honest, we've both had quite the week but there aren't really the words to tell about it. Well, there are plenty words but THAT would take forever, and I suppose its more of a lack of energy for the task than words. So in summary...

Julian's team has gotten too good and is getting its fair share of publicity. (See here. Isn't it sweet how he's so humble?) This has caused a nasty row with our arch rival and we got a pretty low blow on Sunday, but it all worked out in our favor in the end. Now instead of offense, it is rather just a lot of motivation for the boys.

My work trip to Houston went well on Monday and Tuesday but I was very anxious to make the drive to Ft. Worth on Tuesday afternoon.My friend, whose labor was induced on Sunday night, had a c-section at 8am Tuesday morning. You can do the math and realize it was a tough situation. I was so blessed to be able to be there to be extra hands and feet and encouragement, when both her parents and in laws could not be, because they had to return to work. I brought this sweet little cake to give to Evie in celebration.

I made it home, despite missing my first flight and being "that girl" in the airport that no one wants to sit beside because her face is streaked with tears and she can't find a tissue while on the cell phone with her husband but in silence. I was a bit overwrought and ready to be home.

Marathon weekend ahead - one lacrosse game, two work engagements (welcome to spring). We're still here, thanks for stopping by to check on us!


  1. What a week!! Sorry for your traveling troubles, I'd be in tears as well. I'm happy for you that you were there for your friend in need, I bet she'll remember your kindness and strength forever :)

  2. Hope you are resting and relaxing this weekend! I am sure you were such a blessing to your friend.