Wednesday, April 2, 2014

{Yarn Along} I'm dragging...

Yet another lacrosse game last night and we're both feeling it this morning. Its like we can never catch up. Last night Julian said, sweetly,  that it was time to work on the house chores a bit. He's right. With my being gone last week and everything that's been keeping us both busy, its past time we did a little spring cleaning. At least we've managed to keep all the house plants going.

I'm feeling the urge to purge. Life is too jumbled. I have too many things for the places I have to put them and I feel bogged down by the things I see and say, "I'll use that someday, I'll fit into that again..." Its time to pack up the woolens and give away the unwanted.

I made good progress on my Hitchhiker last week on the plane... until I got lost in la-la land and went too far without casting off to make a tooth. I was frogging when we hit turbulence, a handful of stitches fell off and in my half-frogged, half-wrong mess, I have gotten tangled. Over lunch today I'll take my mess to Cecilia, at my local yarn shop, and she will sort it out with me. Thank heaven for people who know more than me.

I'm still reading Bread and Wine, because I said I would continue. But to be honest, I'm getting tired of hearing about how she packs up and goes to the lake for the summer (we're attempting to find a long weekend to go camping nearby); she travels to the far reaches of the globe with happy toddlers (I travel for work and most often alone); she whiles away the days writing books while in her pajamas (I have benchmarks, milestones, and a portfolio); she has the dearest of church friends who gather to share and pray (we left our struggling church plant last October and still are wandering, while our two dearest family-friends have such crazy schedules that we can't get anything together). I'm not really feeling it.

I have added The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society to my queue, again from the library, but this time, on audio {see above house chores issue}. Here is the description:

January 1946: London is emerging from the shadow of the Second World War, and writer Juliet Ashton is looking for her next book subject. Who could imagine that she would find it in a letter from a man she’s never met, a native of the island of Guernsey, who has come across her name written inside a book by Charles Lamb….

One of my friends recommended this book and it seems light-hearted enough for now. I just finished watching Tess of the D' Ubervilles and me-oh-my, I need lighthearted. That is the

OK. I'm off to the yarn shop and to book my plane tickets (a wee bit late) for next week's trip to Texas. Happy knitting/reading!

UPDATE - Cecilia fixed my Hitchhiker and that is back on track. What's even more impressive is that I made it out of the shop without buying new yarn!


  1. I wasn't expecting to like "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" but I actually really enjoyed it. It's an epistolary novel, written entirely in letters to and from the various characters. The main character is really charming, and it's lighthearted, even though the backdrop is somewhat gloomy (post WWII Britain). Hope you enjoy it!

  2. I really liked Potato Peel but I'm not sure how it will work as an audiobook - might be hard to follow since the entire book is letters back and forth between characters. I think it will be hard to keep straight while listening. If you don't like the audiobook, please give the paper version a try!

    1. Each letter is narrated by a different reader, so it should be fun. I didn't know the layout at the time, but I generally like correspondence type books!

  3. I have read that book, I think on the recommendation of my late father in law, and really enjoyed it quite a bit.

    As for the church troubles, I can relate to that too. Our priest left our church for another church (not a different parish) in 2008. We had a brand new priest sent to us that fall. We had to move in the middle of all of this, because of job issues, while my husband was just starting his entry into the deaconate. We moved to a place that doesn't have a parish from our church here, and we hopped around, not quite fitting in, until we settled at a Latin Rite Catholic Church, where we still don't quite fit in, but it is a good church and is closest to our own here. It is disheartening and challenging.

    We are thrilled when we get to attend church at a parish from our church, when we get to receive communion as a body. Our priests have provided us with consecrated hosts so we can receive as a family at home after we return from church.

    I will pray for you.

  4. Hope you find peace in the coming days:) rest up!!

  5. We went through church struggles. I had to leave the church of my birth, Pres/EFree, for the 2nd time in 5 years. I have realized it just isn't the same church anymore. Now we are back at a baptist church, where we attended during the searching. I believe it is where God wants us. But it is hard to leave family and friends at my home church. Prayers that you will settle in.

  6. I'd really recommend the potato peel pie book; I really enjoyed it and hope you do too!

  7. You made it out without buying any yarn??? Oh my! I don't think I could do it! :)

    Please tell me you were pulling my leg about the bologna sandwiches! Happy travels! Glad you got your hitchhiker back on track. I love mine and always get the funnest comments about on it. ~Lisa